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Friday, 22 April 2016 00:00

Ford Falcon: Bathurst and championship winners


The Ford Falcon became an Australian icon as the Blue Oval's flagship sedan model.

The popularity of the Falcon can be attributed to its success on the race track; notching up Bathurst and Australian Touring Car Championship/V8 Supercars wins across six decades.

V8X Supercar Magazine issue #92 reflects on the Falcon and Holden Commodore legacy, from their origins, on and off track battles, the greatest models and drivers and a look ahead to what will be the final generation to be part of this rivalry.

V8X Supercar Magazine issue #92 is on sale now in stores with the digital edition available in the official V8X app (in the App Store and Google Play), online at DigitalEdition.V8XMagazine.com.au and in the Magzter app store.

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1967. Harry Firth/Fred Gibson - Ford XR Falcon GT
1970. Allan Moffat - Ford XW Falcon GTHO Phase II
1971. Allan Moffat - Ford XY Falcon GTHO Phase III
1973. Allan Moffat/Ian Geoghegan - Ford XA Falcon GT
1974. John Goss/Kevin Bartlett - Ford XA Falcon GT
1977. Allan Moffat/Jacky Ickx - Ford XC Falcon
1981. Dick Johnson/John French - Ford XD Falcon
1994. Dick Johnson/John Bowe - Ford EB Falcon
1998. Jason Bright/Steven Richards - Ford EL Falcon
2006. Craig Lowndes/Jamie Whincup - Ford BA Falcon
2007. Craig Lowndes/Jamie Whincup - Ford BF Falcon
2008. Craig Lowndes/Jamie Whincup - Ford BF Falcon
2013. Mark Winterbottom/Steven Richards - Ford FG Falcon
2014. Chaz Mostert/Paul Morris - Ford FG Falcon


1973. Allan Moffat - Ford XY Falcon GTHO Phase III
1976. Allan Moffat - Ford XB Falcon GT
1977. Allan Moffat - Ford XB/XC Falcon GT
1981. Dick Johnson - Ford XD Falcon
1982. Dick Johnson - Ford XD Falcon
1984. Dick Johnson - Ford XE Falcon
1993. Glenn Seton - Ford EB Falcon
1995. John Bowe - Ford EF Falcon
1997. Glenn Seton - Ford EL Falcon
2003. Marcos Ambrose - Ford BA Falcon
2004. Marcos Ambrose - Ford BA Falcon
2005. Russell Ingall - Ford BA Falcon
2008. Jamie Whincup - Ford BF Falcon
2009. Jamie Whincup - Ford FG Falcon
2010. James Courtney - Ford FG Falcon
2015. Mark Winterbottom - Ford FG X Falcon

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